Sim's 4 Expansion Packs

Sim's 4 has 8 expansion packs, but not all are created equal. Don't get me wrong, all the extra content is great.

However, depending on what interest you and what you hope to get out game play, certain expansions might be a better investment.

I  have almost all the expansions ( Seasons, Cats and Dogs, Get to Work, Island Living, City Living, Get Famous). I have a few game and stuff packs, but I will discuss that at a later date.

ANYWHOOOOO, I have made a list of the expansions rated (the ones i have played, and others listed by order i intend to buy.

  1. Seasons- This is the the beginning if you want to add more realism to your game play. This expansion adds weather and holidays. With all then great added content, you really get the feel of time passing and a whole sim( wholesome) life, I mean who does not enjoy decorating for Christmas or Halloween?
  2. Cats and Dogs- I love pets, if i could have my own land with a million animals on it i would. Naturally this was an expansion on my "got to get" list. This only includes cats and dogs, but with a bunch of different breed and customization options. In addition, you can train your pets and open up a vet clinic
  3. City Living- Apartments, festivals, and 
  4. Get to work-This is an expansion that adds three active career paths; detective, Medical and Scientist.
  5. Island Living- This expansions has benefits, but my least favorite. It give you a nice place to vacation,swim, tan and talk to dolphins. There are some more added game play options, but none are significant in my opinion. 
  6. A Eco Lifestyle- This is my next go to once it releases in June. I have always been a fan of a more holistic lifestyle and I expect to enjoy the added content and game play options.
  7. Discover University- 
  8. Get together- I am a border-line recluse and definitely more introvert dominant; therefore this might be the last expansion I purchase, if I do at all. Based on my research, Get together focuses more added game play options surrounded around group gatherings. You can own your own restaurant, but that addition doesn't seem worth the buck. If you disagree, feel free to comment. I would love someone to change my mind, if possible.


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