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Esmeralda's Struggle

Trigger warning- this blog does not discuss self harm, but mental illness and depression are referenced. S orry to bother yall, I feel like such a failure. My drinking has gotten out of hand. At least that is what my parents think.   I go to work. I graduated with a masters. If I want to drink its my prerogative right....right? Anyways, I have been feeling better for the most part.  I am pretty active in my writing. I am finishing my blog at a dramatically fast pace.  Is this a manic episode or is my creative just finally running wild after having been sleeping in a cave for the past 2 months?? Is this happiness? Or is this my brain playing a trick on me? Any ways, I am going to enjoy it the best I can. I started wanting to write ever since reading Judy Blume books as a child. My mother put me on to them. They really helped me in my teenage years.  I got picked on a lot.  I had a lot of acne. I mean like cystic acne.  I have tried every home remedy in the book! And every 3 step program

Esmeralda Fighting Depression

Hi,  Things have been going. Just going.  My sister seems to be living the time of her life.  She has been spending more time with her beau than me.   I feel like i hardly see her. Its not her fault though.  I am a homebody and I do not like to get out much.   I mean why would I? Everything I need is at home.  My books, my cat, my medicine and the foods I like to eat.  I have one friend besides my sister. But my friend, Nala has kids, so she constantly has to work,and when she is not working she is caring for her child.  I haven't been in the mood to go out anyways. I mean with "stuff" going around. I mean, I shouldn't be around others anyways.  Hell, Greeny in gonna end up catching something if she keeps doing what she is doing. I am trying to get back into my hobbies. I have fallen a little off track with watering my garden and staying healthy. Some days I eat once because the depression has made my stomach full. What a sim life I live huh? Sorry. I am not as fun as

Night Review-Sims mobile and Freeplay

 It is 12:30 am. My boyfriend has been asleep peacefully for hours. Most men are lucky in that way. This is the longest I have been awake in awhile.  Im serious...I have never been a night owl. When I use to work overnight at a truck stop, I would literally cry before going to work. Sometimes because I was so tired. I never could get use to that SCHEDULE.. My mental health thanks me for switching to days. Anyways  I dont want to get to riled up. I don't want to play sims on the pc ( nor edit this until the morning). So I decided to play sims on my phone.  It took me not being able to sleep to take the plunge, but I did it. First I googled the difference between freeway and sims mobile Did some comparison of the amount of reviews  Checked Google. Which led me making the quick decision of choosing mobile when I read there are more customizations options because maxis and ea made this one.   Anyways, I downloaded the game. Not too bad of a file, and downloaded quick. I instantly got t

My Rat, Templeton

What would my blog be if I didn't give a shout out to one of my dearests friends. Templeton. This is going to freak most of you out, but Templeton was my pet rat. I thought she was a boy, but she had nipples Fun Fact: Male rats do not have nipples πŸ˜‚ no I didn't catch her from outside or inside the house. She was a feeder rat destined to be nothing, but another snakes lunch.  She was tiny, so i did pay more than $5 for her (less food for snake, less money) Best 5 dollars I ever spent. I had move into my current apartment, October 2018, the year the hurricane hit and my boyfriend was working out of town. I was lonely, but i worked two jobs and had no time for a dog.  My first child, pumpkin, lives with my parents.  Where he has a yard and someone always there to love on him! Plus other dogs. I learned my lesson. So not another dog for me. Not if I didn't have the time I got Templeton in February 2019. I needed a friend that didn't demand much, but i never expected

Moritmor and The Others

June 25th 2020 I was looking at SOMETHING Sul Sul, I haven't exactly settled down yet, but I have not been going out lately.  I feel like I am constantly starring in something! I mean I do not want to complain. There was a time when I was not making shit (pardon my language). Honestly, I have been feeling like shit lately.  I hope I am not coming down with a stomach bug! I can not afford to take time of work. Well that's a lie. I can literally afford it.  The Sims Entertainment Awards are in a week! I am hosting. I need to drink some green tea or something. Me, sleeping peaceful They are arguing about something haha Hmmm I know some helpful  home remedies.  These are some of my favorites. πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“ Take one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar . Take one tablespoon of honey Drink some hot tea with some Turmeric mixed in and lemon juice. My New Kitchen $$$ These things usually help me feel better, but I am not a doctor. I am an actress.  Well I will let you guys know how the award s

Greeny Wonders If She Met Her Soulmate

Hey everyone, I know it has been awhile, but I have been what the young kids call "booed" up. I met a amazing guy! He is adventurous and romantic! What else could a merwoman ask for? We are trying to take things slow, but this love is nothing I have felt before. He took me out to eat some of the island's famous dishes. The food was delicious! However, I did not know how to explain to him I am a merwoman. I just told him I don't eat seafood. We are moving so fast. I do not wanna scare him off, but its about time I said something. I mean he told me his ancestor still walk the island. So maybe me being a mermaid won't be such a shock.  Him and I had one " encounter". Mermaid do not get periods so I took a pregnancy test just to be sure and........... No baby. I mean, I'm not upset. It is way too soon. I want a family, but I want a family with a man I am in a solid relationship with. Do you guys think I should take it slow? Maybe it my age. I am probably

Affiliate Disclosure

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πŸ‘„ Meet Disco Robbins

Name: Disco Marie Robbins Traits: Kleptomaniac, non-committal and Hopeless romantic Relationship Status: Single/No Kids Birthplace: Bronx, New York Current Residence: San Myshuno Arrest Record - 2 counts of Battery. Hey, I am 19 years old and in my last year of high school. I would have dropped out after getting kicked out of my mom's house, but I am in my last year. I moved out to get away from all the drama. She is not well, lets just say that...I guess neither am I  I am willing to do whatever it takes to survive. I have been arrested twice and I am trying to change my ways  I am young.  I Just wanna have a good time . I just need to find out a way to make faster money.  After my parents split, I have vowed to never settle down. I enjoy "meeting new people though".  I consider being alluring a asset that if had should be used. In other words, I only accept "large loans".   This part time job is not paying the bills. T he grease is embedded in my skin and

Beginner Tips

Beginner Game Tips Some people have played sims so long, we know more about it than our real life. We know how to be successful and it is pretty quiet obvious. Playing sims is a user-friendly sandbox game with few limitations, however for some it could be a new experience.  Don worry, I know you will get the hang of it.  I have included some beginner game-play tips that I have learned throughout my years. (at my sims expense. R.I.P Laura Hock) Tips and Hints Turning on "Full Anatomy" in the Gameplay options tab in the setting menu) your sim will rely on you completely. You are their brain now, they will do nothing without you directing them. not even common sense things.  This leads me to my first tip. Do not tell your sim to go swimming (in full anatomy mode) when their "Sleep" bar is close to low.They will not get out of the pool to "pass out from exhaustion"They will do it in the Pool/Ocean (if you having the Island Living Expansion Pack) and if you pas

Learn Simlish phrases

No, not English. Not Spanish. Yes i said, SIMLISH. Simlish is the language developed my the creator, Will Wrights. He stated, he knew hearing traditional English phrases would become very repetitive. Especially phrases we hear in every day life. Avid gamers and others have been able to direct the language, and if you play often. You probably have too. By paying attention to the action the sims is doing or environmental factor present when the phase is spoken, one can sometimes realize that the phrases are not random gibberish. Below is a list of common simlish phrases created by  Days Translations to get you started. If you want to share another, feel free to comment at the bottom of the page. Hello – Sul sul Baby – Nooboo I’m hungry – Oh feebee lay Very good – Ooh be gah Checkmate – Checkmar Goodbye – Dag dag Be – Xor Za woka Geneva – I think you are hot Something in the way – Choo wagga choo choo This is cool – Whippna choba dog Shake – Sherb Come here – Gerb woof em Hello! Can I do