Esmeralda Fighting Depression


Things have been going. Just going. 

My sister seems to be living the time of her life.

 She has been spending more time with her beau than me.
I feel like i hardly see her.

Its not her fault though.  I am a homebody and I do not like to get out much. 

 I mean why would I? Everything I need is at home.  My books, my cat, my medicine and the foods I like to eat. 
I have one friend besides my sister.

But my friend, Nala has kids, so she constantly has to work,and when she is not working she is caring for her child. 

I haven't been in the mood to go out anyways. I mean with "stuff" going around. I mean, I shouldn't be around others anyways. 

Hell, Greeny in gonna end up catching something if she keeps doing what she is doing.

I am trying to get back into my hobbies. I have fallen a little off track with watering my garden and staying healthy.

Some days I eat once because the depression has made my stomach full. What a sim life I live huh?

Sorry. I am not as fun as the other sims, but I am real. I am a great person, I just have a disorder like any on. e else. I DO THE BEST I CAN.

You know what? I feel better after letting all this out. 

I think I am going to go for a walk. That is a good way to clear the mind.

Keep me in your thoughts. Things are going to get better. I know it.

Love you guys,


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All sims are fictitious and not 3 on any person living or dead. If there is any resemblance, its coincidence


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