Esmeralda's Struggle

Trigger warning- this blog does not discuss self harm, but mental illness and depression are referenced.

Sorry to bother yall,

I feel like such a failure.

My drinking has gotten out of hand. At least that is what my parents think.  

I go to work. I graduated with a masters. If I want to drink its my prerogative right....right?

Anyways, I have been feeling better for the most part. 

I am pretty active in my writing. I am finishing my blog at a dramatically fast pace. 

Is this a manic episode or is my creative just finally running wild after having been sleeping in a cave for the past 2 months?? Is this happiness? Or is this my brain playing a trick on me?

Any ways, I am going to enjoy it the best I can.

I started wanting to write ever since reading Judy Blume books as a child. My mother put me on to them. They really helped me in my teenage years.

 I got picked on a lot.

 I had a lot of acne. I mean like cystic acne.

 I have tried every home remedy in the book! And every 3 step program you could think of. Even though the coconut oil and putting my face over a pot of hot water,towel on my head,worked. 

It was either birth control or leaving puberty that finally got me to my facial glory years. 

Anyways, Judy Blume. All I can remember saying was " I must,  I must, I must increase my bust" and let's just say, after turning 30, I was ready to get my breast reduction. 

I am 5'3, and 145 pounds. I do not miss that 1900 grams of breast they removed.

Omg. This is a lot if information for one entry. 

Plus, Greeny just got home  She might be pregnant. Let me see what that is about. 


All sims are fictitious and not based on any person living or dead. If there is any resemblance, its coincidence


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