My Rat, Templeton

What would my blog be if I didn't give a shout out to one of my dearests friends.

Templeton. This is going to freak most of you out, but Templeton was my pet rat.
I thought she was a boy, but she had nipples

Fun Fact: Male rats do not have nipples
😂 no I didn't catch her from outside or inside the house.
She was a feeder rat destined to be nothing, but another snakes lunch. 

She was tiny, so i did pay more than $5 for her (less food for snake, less money)

Best 5 dollars I ever spent. I had move into my current apartment, October 2018, the year the hurricane hit and my boyfriend was working out of town.
I was lonely, but i worked two jobs and had no time for a dog. 

My first child, pumpkin, lives with my parents. 

Where he has a yard and someone always there to love on him! Plus other dogs. I learned my lesson. So not another dog for me. Not if I didn't have the time

I got Templeton in February 2019. I needed a friend that didn't demand much, but i never expected the love i got out of her.

She was not an ordinary rat. She could roam free because she came every time she was called.

Door wide open, never ran away.

She loved her home with me. 

I could always count her to be sleeping at the front corner of the cage. Waiting for me to let her out. 

She would lightly tug on me. Trying to at least drag me in there with her, if she couldn't come out.

Templeton had other friends. Two young boys and a Rat Terrier.  I was surprised how many people loved her. 

One day I was depressed and I felt so bad I hadn't spent any time with her. So I let her out, snuggled her real good and let her down to roam.

Later that night, I found her in my bedroom in the open. She had passed. My heart broke tremendously. 

However,  I took
comfort knowing she lived a good life.

I love you sweet girl.

 Say hey to Honey and Saba for me.


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