Night Review-Sims mobile and Freeplay

 It is 12:30 am.

My boyfriend has been asleep peacefully for hours. Most men are lucky in that way.

This is the longest I have been awake in awhile.

 Im serious...I have never been a night owl. When I use to work overnight at a truck stop, I would literally cry before going to work. Sometimes because I was so tired. I never could get use to that SCHEDULE..

My mental health thanks me for switching to days.

Anyways  I dont want to get to riled up. I don't want to play sims on the pc ( nor edit this until the morning).

So I decided to play sims on my phone. 

It took me not being able to sleep to take the plunge, but I did it.

First I googled the difference between freeway and sims mobile
Did some comparison of the amount of reviews 

Checked Google. Which led me making the quick decision of choosing mobile when I read there are more customizations options because maxis and ea made this one.  

Anyways, I downloaded the game. Not too bad of a file, and downloaded quick.

I instantly got to the fun part we all love, Create a sim.

M just ask me what I am doing up this, I really do not know 

Anyways back to the sims. 
Not bad. I like the graphics better than in FreePlay.

The two games are different in their own ways and completely different than sims 4.

However, if your on the go, and want a sims feel with you. Try it out.

Its free, so yeah that helps. 🙃


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