(Update 6/15/20)Justice Keen-My Current Love Life

Hey yall, 

Justice keen reporting in! well a lot has happened since we last talked. I met...a few...men.

I am sure some avid players recognize a few.of these men. 

I am not proud to say, two of these men are in a relationship.

You all know moritmor goth right?
Bella has no found out yet. I mean we aren't together...we just Netflix and chill sometimes.

I can not even remember the second man's name at the moment. That predicament is really not my fault.

I was bored once afternoon,  I had just moved to glimmerbrook. Things are so quiet there! So I decided to visit some neighbors. I met this woman,and she started hitting on me!

She must have recognized me from some of movies.

Anyways a man shows up. I begin talking to him and she starts getting angry. 

So I ask them both if they are single, and they just say "they are seeing someone"

The never said eachother.
So I decided imma shoot whatever shot I want at this man. As soon as goes upstairs. We just began talking and one thing led to another.
We headed upstairs to go "talk in the bed". And boom, all I know is she is at the foot of the bed looking like the person she was "seeing" was the same person I just showed the galaxy to.

Let's just say. He got cussed out , and she just pretended i wasn't there. 

Well the vibe was ruined, so I left. 

I'm a "property celebrity" and even when I see her in town. Let's just say she is not in the crowd of Fans.

Well I have to run off to the set of the movie I am starring in.

I need to write again so yall can see my new house etc.

With lots of love,

Justice Keen

June, 15th 

All sims are fictitious and not based on any person living or dead. If there is any resemblance, its coincidence


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