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The BW Challenge/Don Lothario Part 2

Well was luck on my side or time? Don and I are engaged. It took  great effort and diligence. I was inviting this man over every day, but Don Lothario has accepted my proposal.  The more I got to know him, the more I realized how "Non-Committal" he is. That explains a lot, but is no excuse.  I have accomplished the unthinkable. He is a great addition. He takes care of my babies quite well. I can finally get some much needed rest. I do not have a job, but the constant seduction tactics I had to deploy were exhausting.   Guess who got some house upgrades? New bathroom and kitchen going through its first phase.I will upgrade my appliances the next...husband. Oh! And who could forget my precious babies?  The structure of their own living room has been created. Goodness! I almost rushed to kill him. I forgot we haven't had the wedding yet.  We are postponing it a day because we got engaged New Years Eve.  How cliche? He did NOT come with a job.  Don...How were a gym trainer a

The BW Challenge-Don Lothario

Don Lothario-Part I This is one of the harshest winters Anatasia has ever had to face. Her heart still remains colder than the ground outside.  Money is depleting quickly due to survival requirements.  Anatasia and Don have spent nearly every day together. "I am not even sure the man has a job, but he claims to be severely wealthy". The cats do not seem bothered by his presence. In fact, they do not seem to care. Maybe they know, there is no point in getting close to a temporary figure.  The cats are attracted to survival. That is where Anatasia gets her hunger.  Below is Anastasia's first person account of the events. "I have been trying to lure Don for weeks now! I have $18 dollars to my name, so I know my first wedding is not going to make any magazine.  Well actually once we get in engaged, and he moves in I will be able to afford one. What should my post-Don update be? A spa bathroom? Room for the precious kitties? Ah! I CAN NOT WAIT. Don has qualities, I have n

Anastasia Bullgourd-The Black Widow Challenge

  Anastasia Bullgourd. "Men are only superior in physical strength "-Anastasia Bullgourd. Residence   Brooks Bridge Borough, Glimmerbrook . The rooms are quietly simple. An update surely to come after certain "requirements " are met. Backstory . Grew up in love with only one thing in life, My cats.    Taz, Aba and Oscar When I was younger my father gave me this beautiful little kitten, Olla. It was the only thing he ever did for me. It was his ONLY declaration of love. The kitten was there for me with a loyalty that I never found in men.  They do not need you. Their love for you is not based on reliance. The only thing men are good for is money and their physical strength. When I was 9 years old,Olla died. The pain I felt ripped through my soul and transformed me. I placed her in the waterfall at Glimmerbrook. Lets just say, my powers are different than the other "special " residents of Glimmerbrook. I have 9 lives , but the men that are gonna be my pre

Disco and John

well...remember how I said. John was doing some kind of drugs. Well he was...or is. Our relationship has changed since we last spoke.  We are not together,  but we have had some moments.  Let me just be honest his body inside of mine felt different.  Like my body was melting into his.  I have laid with many dudes. Maybe its the drugs, but this man really Penetrated my soul. . Anyways, I do not want to be in a relationship, but we ended up having a baby. I want my child to grow up with their mother and father. Something I never had. John is amazing with our child. I think it changed him. The day our son was born, he promised he would quit the drugs.  I want to believe him, but I am not naive. Addiction is something that does not just become resolved without constant effort and  lifestyle changes. The dealer still comes over, but John says he is just a close friend.  I am not perfect. I have experienced my fair share of drug use. Mostly Cannabis, but a drug nonetheless. Ever since the ba