Anastasia Bullgourd-The Black Widow Challenge

 Anastasia Bullgourd.

"Men are only superior in physical strength "-Anastasia Bullgourd.
Brooks Bridge Borough, Glimmerbrook.

The rooms are quietly simple.
An update surely to come after certain "requirements " are met.

Backstory .
Grew up in love with only one thing in life,

My cats. 
Taz, Aba and Oscar

When I was younger my father gave me this beautiful little kitten, Olla. It was the only thing he ever did for me. It was his ONLY declaration of love.

The kitten was there for me with a loyalty that I never found in men. 

They do not need you. Their love for you is not based on reliance.
The only thing men are good for is money and their physical strength.

When I was 9 years old,Olla died.
The pain I felt ripped through my soul and transformed me.

I placed her in the waterfall at Glimmerbrook. Lets just say, my powers are different than the other "special " residents of Glimmerbrook.

I have 9 lives, but the men that are gonna be my prey, DO NOT. 

Let the story begin

I went to find my first husband/victim
I decided lets start big and go hunting in "The Valley".

I went to the gym and had my eye on my first victim. However, the cocky gym trainer, Don lothario, was hard to resist. His cocky personality reeled me in. He would be my first victim. He deserves it.
Exercise is definitely not my thing, but it is Don's specialty and I need him to fall in love with me.

It tugged at my heart a bit that when I was getting to know him, he stated how much he valued being with one partner. I had to snap out of it! All men feed lies like that.
Octavia ended up giving me a cold, but this group chat introduced to me my future second husband.

This is going to be EASY ;)
He does not seem like such a bad man, but I made a vow for the gift of 9 Lives that I possess.
There is no going back now. All I can do is enjoy these Impermanent moments.

He came and visited me during a blizzard.
What dedication. Why does my first victim have to be so nice?

The cats do not seem to even bother getting attached. Do they know?

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