Basemental Drugs Mod

 The second mod I downloaded.

Basemental Drugs is just what it applies.

Cigarette, cigars,Crack, Cannabis and Xanax  Pills ( there are quite a few other drugs included)

With this mod, your sim can experience the highs and lows of drug use.

*I am not endorsing or promoting drug use*

Basemental Drugs has added features such as

Setting NPC Roles (drug dealer, police, bouncer)

Research the effects of drugs on a computer ( provides with information on all the drugs featured in Basemental)

You can order from the computer or set an NPC as the drug dealer and invite them over. 

There is this other guy, that sells some type of psychedelic drink. 

There are added items in buy mode such as bongs and a pack of Marlburo Reds.

I enjoyed exploring the features. It is the best way to learn. 

If you have any specific questions, comment below or email me 


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