Disco Robbins: My New Roomate

I have a new roommate.

 I did not want to live with anyone, but this rich kid John Walsh had the money. And for me, money talks.
He is in school, seems popular. Something I never was. Plays sports yah.yah. yah. 

However, I will let you guys in on a little secret...

I think this perfect, college boy snorts coke.

Who would have thought? 

A spoiled rich boy doing rich people drugs.

My MOTHER couldn't afford coke, but she always found a way to buy her Crack.

As long as he keeps paying me, I am not going to say anything. I mean I do not for sure. I am sure with time the truth will spill out...it always does. Smh

Imma admit to you guys, he is cute. He is Irish and that is something that just makes my palms sweat.

I know I should not mix business with pleasure. Hmmm, but what if I can turn that pleasure into more business? 😛

You guys can think of whatever you want about me. I know what I been through and have to go through to survive. 

Oh! I hate that job and quit it. So I need another way to get some moolah. I will let you guys know what I come up with.

Disco R.

All sims are fictitious and not  in reference to any person living or dead. If there is any resemblance, its coincidence


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