Esmeralda Wants To Quit Smoking.


So ,I am not getting  any younger. Sim lives are short. I don't want to make mine any shorter.

I started smoking when I was 17. A habit, I wish I never picked up. Funny how I use to cry everytime my mother picked up a cigarette...and here I am now.

It really is affecting my beauty among the other health sacrifices.

After Greeny's parents died of cancer from the ocean's pollution. 

I have worried about suffering the same fate by polluting my body with the chemicals of cigarettes.

I am going to do it everyone.

Does anyone have tips that helped them?

On another note, I seem to be finally out of my depression episode. The sun is shining today! 

Oh! Greeny is not pregnant, but her and that guy are becoming serious. He loves the ocean; just like she does.

Maybe a love in my life would make me happy.  My last ex boyfriend was a complete nightmare. I gave him all my money for his dreams just for him to kick me out without a cent to my name and one bag of clothes. What.a. douche.

Anyways, maybe I should not even bother. No one has come around to spark my interest, and it seems like a headache I am not ready for.

I am going to quit smoking,enjoy being single and get my life together ❤ 

Well talk you later simmers,


All sims are fictitious and not  in reference to any person living or dead. If there is any resemblance, its coincidence


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