Justice Keen's BIG news

Hello darlings,

I know it has been quite some time, but I have good reason.

First, I am officially a Global celebrity.

 I fell in a mudhole right before my plaque placement ceremony. Thats is why I look like that.
 ( or is it because my bladder couldn't handle the double strain)

Yes, my loves. I am pregnant with twins.

Not just any twins...Mortimor Goth's twins. 

When i told him the news, he was not pleased at all!

I don't know why. I do not need his money or want him to leave his wife. She can have him!!

I mean the passion was intense, but we do not seem to have much in common. Quite frankly he is...boring.
That mustache annoys the fuck out of me too. I mean who does he think he is?

I was trying to do the right thing. Hopefully, the paparazzi haven't caught on, but i will know the next time I see Bella. 

I ask that you guys don't sell this story to the tabloids. 
 I trust you fellow simmers with this secret.

I built a house in Glimmerbrook, so that I could enjoy my pregnancy in secret for as long as possible.

However; I had to make some money and the secret came out when I met with the directors and co-star for an up and coming film.

Luckily the the main character is pregnant, so I got the role.

That was then. 
I am in my last trimester now. Once the babies come I prefer to have some time to enjoy them. 

I have to go back to work soon. I might need to get money from Mortimor to help pay the nanny unless he wants to support me while I raise OUR kids. 

Bella won't even notice the money lost. The Goths has been drowning in simoleons for years. 

I have considered purchasing a guard dog. The neighborhood I live in is safe. We haven't had reports of burglars for years, but better safe than sorry. 

I have always wanted a beautiful Rottweiler.

I know the genders, but i want to surprise you guys with that once they are born.

 It will not be long now.


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