The BW Challenge-Don Lothario

Don Lothario-Part I

This is one of the harshest winters Anatasia has ever had to face.

Her heart still remains colder than the ground outside. 

Money is depleting quickly due to survival requirements. 

Anatasia and Don have spent nearly every day together.

"I am not even sure the man has a job, but he claims to be severely wealthy".

The cats do not seem bothered by his presence. In fact, they do not seem to care. Maybe they know, there is no point in getting close to a temporary figure. 
The cats are attracted to survival. That is where Anatasia gets her hunger. 

Below is Anastasia's first person account of the events.

"I have been trying to lure Don for weeks now!
I have $18 dollars to my name, so I know my first wedding is not going to make any magazine. 

Well actually once we get in engaged, and he moves in I will be able to afford one.

What should my post-Don update be?
A spa bathroom?
Room for the precious kitties?

Don has qualities, I have never imagined from a meat head like him. He loves holidays.  I invited him over for some Christmas dinner. I thought this would surely give our love the boost it needed to take us to the next step.
Grand Turkey dinner. 

I wish he would have choked on the potatoes! This man still acts like he has a wife at home. Every other advance is greeted with disgust. How dare he?

He is WASTING time. 
We started sleeping together, but just like in most cases. This deed is not contingent on love nor does it procreate it.

It is incredibly boring, but tiresome to stay at home all day. My cats have been relishing in it, but not so much I.

Why is Don being so difficult!! He can be flirty and fed, but still swat my hands away every time I kiss his.

He is single, so what gives Don??

On a lighter note, Aba gave birth to two kittens. I am a grandma. They are my true family, and the only love I require. 

I don't even care if Don loves me. No, I do. I want to bathe in his love while I can. 

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.

Oh Don, you are truly gonna be my first. 

On a side note, Tom Peeping froze to death outside my window.
I guess the blizzard did not stop his urge.

Since he was already dead and a ghost, I felt there would be no repercussion if I "danced" with his soul.
Don has been such a prude, and a woman has needs.
He cries about Tom as if that was his brother.

Or just another ploy to avoid his inevitable fate?

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Comment below how long you think it will take Anatasia to secure a proposal from Don.


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