The BW Challenge/Don Lothario Part 2

Well was luck on my side or time?

Don and I are engaged.

It took  great effort and diligence. I was inviting this man over every day, but Don Lothario has accepted my proposal. 

The more I got to know him, the more I realized how "Non-Committal" he is.
That explains a lot, but is no excuse.

 I have accomplished the unthinkable.

He is a great addition. He takes care of my babies quite well. I can finally get some much needed rest. I do not have a job, but the constant seduction tactics I had to deploy were exhausting.

  Guess who got some house upgrades?

New bathroom and kitchen going through its first phase.I will upgrade my appliances the next...husband.

Oh! And who could forget my precious babies?

 The structure of their own living room has been created.
Goodness! I almost rushed to kill him. I forgot we haven't had the wedding yet. 
We are postponing it a day because we got engaged New Years Eve.

 How cliche?

He did NOT come with a job. 

Don...How were a gym trainer and now, you come to me unemployed??? Ugh, Just like a man, but look at the scrumptious body. 
He does push-ups every day, at random intervals.
Guess he deserves that body.
I suggested a new look. Which he vainly could not resist.


I would not dare purposely let him spawn inside me. As difficult as he was to lure, he needed to be CEO of the darn world.

Those measly 20,000 Simoleons.

I almost forgot to tell y'all. His ex "roommate" Nina Caliente came by for the holidays. I know that Lint Licker came by to spy on the new life we had.

She was probably surprised because she was never able to secure an engagement the way I just did.

I was on my way to give her a piece of my mind about randomly stopping by, but then I realized she could serve a purpose.

Nina has access to certain "drugs", I bought some for Don...Later.
Better to be prepared for after the wedding. He will not suspect anything this way. 

 My 5 cats are enough for me



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