The Tale Of Two Twins

Adona and Anneliese were both born on cold winter night in Jersey City. 

Both babies were found that night by a man who wandered the streets every night searching for his long lost love. He heard their cries echo in the alley way.
He was an old man who had not much life left in him nor the strength to raise these two beautiful baby girls. 

One who possessed beautiful chocolate skin. The other, with skin white as snow. However, both children where undeniably twins.

As most siblings, these two twins were later separated by foster care.

Both grew up far from one another. Both unaware of the other.

It was not until 20 years later, they were reunited.

Adona ended up never being adopted. She stayed in foster care until she was old enough to start her own life in the world that has been so cruel to her. 

However, growing up in Jersey City made her tough. She knew she would have go through life not trusting anyone. She has never had easy and she is determined to give herself the life she always dreamed of. 

Anneliese was adopted by a family that had resided in Georgia. A family thats members were born in raised in what some would consider the "country". 

Anneliese fair skin allowed her to feel partial acceptance. Her coarse hair was still a signal,but her condition stopped the older generations in Georgia from placing prejudice on her soul.

Now that the twins have finally met. It will be evident there difference in upbringing. Both as African-American woman, but with opposite skin colors.

Coming Soon: the YouTube video of their journey
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