đź‘„Wicked Whims Mod (18 and older)

Well, Well, Well Look who we have here.

You came here for the same reasons I wrote this.

You wanna see sims have sex and/or

You heard about this mod and your curiosity has gotten the best of you. 

Don't worry, innocence has long left most of us and having sex is just part of being an adult. 

I MEAN, we waited 18 years to be able to watch porn. 

Mom closed our eyes everytime a sex scene came on.

But we are adults now, and if you want your sim to live that life to the fullest, well I guess you did come to the right place :)

*The wicked whims site linked contains a great manual and common problems one might encounter*

Wicked whims is the first mod I downloaded.

 It took me a month to read reviews from a group before I got the courage to enter the world of mods.

I was much more fearless when I was child playing Sims on my MOM'S computer. 

Let met start of by saying this about Wicked Whims;

A world that once tasted is difficult to come back from

When I first saw my sims have sex, I realized how much "woo hoo" had shielded us from.

 I have had sex before,  but my eye's virginity slipped away once more.

I have window 10,

 I went to the the wicked whims website

Downloaded the content

And pasted it to mod foler under Sims 4.

I didnt bury it in any deeper of a folder. 

My computer must have extracted it already... is this the New Age?


The Wicked Whims download comes with one sexual position/animation provided.

You will see links to other animations on the wicked whims page.

I could tell your more, but this is something you just need to see for yourself. :)


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