About Me

You want to know something?

 I am one of millions.

 I have seen or spoken to many who play sims for the same reasons as me.

I enjoy playing sims's on all platforms, but PC is by far my favorite.

 This hobby was revitalized when the quarantine began. 

That was a time that depression was peeping its ugly face.

However, the interactions in the game and with other fans allowed me to keep my sanity. 

I recommend the game for so many reasons, and I want the positive experience to be shared with others.

I have played sims since I was in elementary. Since since 1.game out.( now, you can guess my age) 🤪 I had all the expansions for sims 2, some for Sims 3, and I am going to have to the complete Sim's 4 pack probably way before Sim's 5 comes out.

I am an old soul, please do not let my age misguide you.

I am a home-body. I was raised with siblings and homebody parents. I learned how to enjoy home and the company of family.

Do not let my looks fool you either. I am educated and do not tolerate bullying. I dealt with it lot moving so much and well, being a teen girl with acne.

( I wish those girls could see my skin now).

 I am here for game assistance and  general questions.

In the future, I hope to offer more exciting content like movies and streams. I enjoy people and promoting wellness. This is a judge-free zone. 

I am open to critiques, suggestions and request. 

5 Random facts about me

        1. I attended 3 elementary. 2 middle and 2 high schools.
        2. I failed my music final in college because every piece sounded like Beethoven to me.
        3. I have a degree in Criminology.
        4. I am 5'3.
        5. I have a pet rat and ferret.

Email me at thesimssworld@gmail.com

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