John Walsh

John Walsh 

What's up?

So my creator seen that there was no male representation. That was wack because millions of people play sims and that includes men. 

I am a freshman in college. School hasn't stopped for us,sims because our world has illnesses, just not that one.

One time,  I had an hour drive to school with the shits and the parking lot was so far from a building I knew that I contemplated having a bowel movement im a shopping bag. ( i used the term bowel movement to give the act a classier connotation).

I am a Point Guard on the  basketball team.  I was born and raised in Ireland, before I moved to Newcrest. A dead town, an hour away from college.

I come from a big family. 100 siblings actually. I am the oldest, at 20 years old.

Growing up, I would visit my grandfather often on the farm . I am no stranger to hard work, but Pa always said "get an education, just in case your body fails you". My pa became disabled 10 years ago. He hated every minute of it. He hated that Momma has to go back to work after he promised her she would never have to work again.

I hope one day, I'll make enough to give momma the life she deserves.

Anyways, I needed to move closer. So I am paying this Sile to rent a room. She does not attend college with me. Heck, I barely see her wake up in time for class. When she does go, she brings home a book someone  "gave" her. You might know her.

Her name is Disco Robbins

She is cute, but I am not trying to get involved and than when things go south. I'm on the street with 3 slashed tires.

She seems to keep to herself, and is always arguing with her mom the few times they speak. I wonder what is the deal there. 

The apartment building is straight.  The neighbor always has something going on though.

Disco said she had fought Penny 3 times about the noise. 

I mean if she went to work, she probably would not be around to hear it.🤷‍♂️ Oh yeah! She is selective about when she goes there too.

I gotta finish unpacking before my next class.

I'll hit yall up later,


All sims are fictitious and not based on any person living or dead. If there is any resemblance, its coincidence


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