Meet a Content Creator

The sims gamer community is full of creativity that unparalleled. 

A content creator is someone that creates custom content, mods, blogs, or videos

The people are featured here are eager to help.

 If you have a questions feel free to email., and your question will be appropriately redirected.

Meet A Content Creator


Meet Bambeeni,

How She Got Into Sims- started playing Sims 1 after watching her sister play.

When Sims 2 came out, she played vigorously, even if she had to go to a friend to play. She begged for the games

(So did I, I quit biting my nails so my mom would buy it).😅

Although she has played sims 3, Sims 4 is when her passion went into full gear.

she got a hold of a gaming laptop and the rest is history

Specialty- Speed Building and challenge videos

Meet Queen Nae,

How She Got into Sims- Started in 2015. She likes the fact that the sandbox style game is a breeding ground for creativity. 

"I am a creative person and I finally found a game that I didn't have to beat to get to the next level because there is no end in Sims". (Queen Nae)

She enjoys creating content that includes interesting,dramatic story lines, and states that game ultimately provides a calm in her life.

Specialty- Let's Play and Create A Sim ( CAS)
Check out her great content, and subscribe if you enjoy! :)

Meet Seondre Niel,

How long has he been playing Sims? Seon has been playing sims, 5 years and has played every version of the franchise. 

He loves to collaborate and talk to fellow gamers.

"Just the average (ugh, i mean) extraordinary,black,Jamaican,Gryffindor gamer. I try to be unique and different in every way possible so that i can give my viewers a spectacular experience"

Specialty- Youtube and Sims 4 custom content.

If you are interested in being featured, please contact me, Kitana, through email at the 

I look forward to hearing from you.


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