Meet Greeny Green

Greeney Green (Young Adult)
Hello Everyone,

My name is Greeny Green. I was born in the Atlantic Ocean. Oh! I forgot to mention, I am a mermaid.

I moved to the Island of Sulami with my half sister, Esmeralda Rosario. The Atlantic ocean was so badly polluted, my parent's passed. That is what made me move with Esmeralda and begin my career as a Conservationist.

My passion is plants! My mom had the same passion, which led her to naming me Greeny . If you need any plant advice, comment below. I would love to help if I can.

I am currently single, but I am ready to start a family. Since relocating to land, I have met a lot of interesting people. I use to think only mer-people were my type, but we have all seen "The Little Mermaid". 😍

All sims are fictitious and not based on any person living or dead. If there is any resemblance, its coincidence


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