Meet An Information Technology (IT) Tech

For some of us playing sims is a beloved hobby, and when things go wrong with the game/our computer the pain can not be described.

Some Information Technology( IT) techs  attempt to fix issues, but leave you not knowing anything about what was wrong OR how it was fixed. Why not get your Sims back up and running meanwhile learning?

Any opportunity to learn is once that should be taken with appreciation and dedication.

Meet an Information Technology(IT) Tech


Amelia Williams

She has played sims since the DAY it was released.

And has played Sim City.

25 Years of IT experience

She started computers at 14 in DOS before it was released to the world wide web.

She knows how to rip computers apart and fix them.

A true OG coding ( no Adobe fireworks etc)

Creates custom content.

She is an amazing asset to the sims community.

  • Free assessments (require remote access to the systems)
  • Creates mods and custom content 
  • She will not play the game for you
  • you are expected to write down the information given to you ( she teaches you how to fix the issue, she will not just fix it for you.)
  • Pirating is not condoned, and you can not receive help for hacked/burned copies of the sims

Spread your knowledge as well, just as those have spread it to you. The Sims community contains people from all walks of life, different skill sets, and a desire to help others.

If your problems are game play orientated instead of technological. 


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