"Meet A Sim" Directory

Meet A Sim Directory

I have a lot going on in this blog. 

This Meet A Sim Directory has the names, brief info, and links to the sims's main pages.

Justice Keen- Home remedy expert. Actress. No kids.Single. currently dating. 27

Greeny Green- Currently in a relationship. plant expert. Born in Atlantic Ocean. 29

Esmeralda Rosario-Born in Puerto Rico. 25 years old. Related to Greeny Green.Suffers from Bipolar Depression and Anxiety.

Disco Robbins- Born in Bronx, New York. 19 criminal record.  Promiscuous lifestyle. Lives on her own.
No kids.single. in between jobs.

John Walsh- Born in Ireland. 20 years old. Single .No kids. On basketball team. In college. 

Just arrived. :)

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All sims are fictitious and not based on any person living or dead. If there is any resemblance, its coincidence


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