Our Mission

The Sim's World Mission

I am a normal girl. Well, not normal at all, but I have learned to accept that.

I started playing sims as a way to cope with the mental chaos. It gave me a way to escape. It occupied my mind. It really aided me climbing out of the depressive dungeon I was in. 

I wrote this blog to be able to share this experience.

 I have connected with a numerous amounts of fellow simmers from all walks of life. Every single encounter has been positive :)

I have a couple current goals for this blog.

Connect with, entertain and help as many people as I can

Reach 1000 views by July 15th 2020

Get a Custom Domain Name

Get 5 followers

Start make my first sims Video

Live stream at least once

I am an affiliate of Fanatical and Amazon. It by no means enough to support myself, but I do get commission from the company, not from your pockets if you buy.
But why not help a fellow simmer?


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